Robert Saner Carreisen presents

Baba Sissoko & Mediterranean Blues

Griots are West African storytellers, initiated into a magnificent treasure of traditional narratives, mystical, fable-like, world-encompassing. Griots belong to a very special caste; they often marry within their own group. They tell the people the stories of tribes, their origin legends, and possess knowledge of deities, spirits, heroes, demon figures. They connect their audience with traditions and this other world. And usually, a talking drum, a tamani, accompanies their tales. Baba Sissoko from Bamako is the grand master of this instrument. He has brought it into modern musical realms, and his collaboration with the singer Habib Koité, who is also a griot, is legendary. Sissoko has collaborated with countless musicians from diverse stylistic directions. His guest appearance at the 50th birthday of the mighty Art Ensemble of Chicago is unforgettable. Sissoko is a teacher, a musical bridge-builder, and an ambassador of his ancient, complex, deep and proud culture. His concerts are true events!

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