Konnex presents

Birdman Jäggi

“Birdman Jäggi sing about a mermaid, let's bring ‘em onto the raft”. Is this really the reason we wanted them on stage for? Of course not. However, we are extremely thrilled to present these fabulous and original dialect-pop artists who sing about a siren. “Zieh di ab, mir müessa redä” (“Take your clothes off we have to talk”), is the title of the band's latest album, which brings together Simon Jäggi, the singer of Kummerbuben, and Thierry Lüthi, the musical mastermind behind Traktorkestar – both acts, by the way, who have played fantastic concerts on the raft. Both artists have always wanted to venture into electronic music. And now they do so in a peculiar, highly entertaining, and sometimes even danceable manner. Moreover, each track tells a little story, tales from unusual perspectives, slightly melancholic, a bit of wisdom here, some naughty bits there, often minimalistic – yet extraordinarily playful. Nice!

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