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Candy Dulfer «The Female Fest»

She was six when she received her first saxophone, and a year before that, Candy from Amsterdam had started sitting behind the home drum set. Musically, she is influenced by her family; her father was a jazz saxophonist. At 14, she founded her first band, called «Funky Stuff», and at 21, she released her first solo album: «Saxuality». The well-seasoned sax lady with powerful lungs soon became a sought-after studio musician, working with Prince, Van Morrison, Maceo Parker, Dave Stewart, Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, and Tower Of Power, among others. Her playing is funky, stirring, sexy, and virtuosic, bringing the sound gumbo to a boil. Candy's tour band this summer consists exclusively of women, and the lineup reads like a who's who of the jazz and fusion scene, real bad cats, as they say: Kat Dyson (Guitar), Shelby J. (Vocals), DRin Elliott (Keyboards), Jamie-Leigh Schultz (Drums), Tallulah Rose (Vocals & Sax), Phaedra Kwant (Bass).

Since 1990, she has released 13 solo albums, all groovy and rhythmically pulsating – perfect for parties and private moments alike. Her latest work is titled: «We Never Stop». Yes Ma’am, we certainly hope so.

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