Once again, an anniversary meets an anniversary: the Floss has been sailing and anchoring for a quarter of a century, and the Bernese super crew Chlyklass has been rapping and rocking the houses just as long. Wow, how time flies. The roots of this combo, which has significantly shaped Swiss dialect rap, sprouted in 1998. Back then, the two bands PVP and Wurzel 5 joined forces for a hip-hop sampler. Two successful concerts in Bern and Liestal solidified the project – and the crew got its name. This was followed by grand, successful gigs all over Switzerland and kick-ass albums. Every year, Chlyklass hosts the Ultimate MC Battle at the Bernese Bierhübeli. Chlyklass is a very huge crew. And now they're finally coming back to Basel. The MCs Baze, Serej, Krust, Diens, Poul Prügu, Tiersch, Fantu, and Greis are going to tear it up on the Floss, that's for sure!

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