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Yes, of course, reggae and world music are a match made in heaven. And Famara's fabulous musical mixture goes straight to the heart, the mind, and the legs; it is as naturally groovy as earth, fire, air, and water. For example, the water of the Rhine that flows beneath our Floss. Famara's career is an epic journey. He grew up in Leimental and initially made a name for himself in Basel as a percussionist and raggamuffin voice. In 1998, he traveled to Gambia, this trip marked the start of a glorious odyssey through Africa that made the artist a star. A truly epic story line. Famara's concerts are powerful, vibrant groove and dance feasts, and his albums are of a rare real quality. His latest production, «Tembo Power», is also a strong contribution to reggae-world-afro-beat music. Famara knows what he's doing – and he does it excellently.

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