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Goran Bregović & his Wedding and Funeral Band

He grew up in Sarajevo. Already as a teenager, he played in various bands, initially on bass. In his early years, Goran Bregović delved into both rock and folk music. In 1970, he switched to lead guitar. With the bands Kodeski and Jutro, he got to know the music business. In 1974, he became the driving musical force behind the band Bijelo Dugme, one of the most successful groups in the former Yugoslavia, inspired by British and American rock sounds. They toured successfully until the late 1980s. Then Goran changed course. He began composing film music. His first project was Emir Kusturica's unforgettable drama «Dom za vešanje». The music Goran contributed to the film was enchanting, infused with all his influences, hymnal, and magical. And in this maner it continued. In 2012, he founded his Wedding and Funeral Band, an incredibly versatile ensemble, bringing a magnificent musical cargo to the stages of the world, stylistically limitless yet with a strong identity: the unique style of the great Goran Bregović.

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