Raiffeisen Basel presents

Heidi Happy

Heidi Happy from Lucerne lives up to her name, creating pop music that evokes positive emotions. Occasionally, glimpses of bitter realizations or subtle sociopolitical jabs flash through her songs. Remarkably, she confidently and successfully positions herself far from stylistic definitions or boundaries, refusing to be confined to any one box. On her new production, “Nid für ewig” (“Not forever”), she sings in multiple languages, navigating her little ship in diverse waters. However, one can sense that wise decisions lie behind every choice. Heidi Happy only selects elements that she feels comfortable with, that allow her to express something meaningful. With her new production, the singer makes a comeback after an eight-year hiatus marked by crises. Now, she stands once again as a creative artist in her unique form. And soon, she will grace the planks of the raft.

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