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Jaël from Bern experienced her musical launch as the figurehead and lead singer of the band Lunik. The story of this ensemble lasted a solid 17 years. During this time, their music evolved tremendously. However, one thing was present from the beginning and still lies at the core of Jaël's work today: a fondness for intelligent songs that steer clear of familiar courses and harbors, opting for alternative waterways. These are thoughtful, elegantly structured tracks that never feel cold. Because they are played and sung with immense emotion and taste, rich in melody, melancholic, always with depth. But this woman has not only made a name for herself in the realm of reflective pop; Jaël is also an internationally renowned figure in the trance music scene. Her latest album, «Midlife», it has been released in March of this year, showcasing her again as a highly intriguing artist with a captivating body of work.

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