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Marco Lässig had been writing songs for a long time, clearly influenced by American folk rock and various other pop and rock styles. He has a knack for good melodies and lyrics. However, he had never performed his songs live. In a music store that occasionally turns into a meeting spot in the evening, he played one of his songs. Guitarist Daniel Zimmermann heard it, was immediately interested, but also noticed what the piece was missing... The gentlemen struck up a conversation. That was the birth of LAESSIG. In a rehearsal studio on Zurich's Langstrasse, the band played together for the first time and everything clicked. At the end of 2022, they released their first album «Miles Away», which immediately became a radio hit, with the band's precise, rich playing, and excellent multi-part vocals, creating timeless music that is not trendy but completely natural. A fantastic new Swiss musical sensation. Simply «Lässig».

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