Ueli Bier presents

Les Touristes

More than ten years ago, five friends from Basel formed this band, back in high school. But it turned into much more. They regularly started busking on the streets, using acoustic instruments, causing instant parties. No wonder, Les Touristes play music that blends jazz, rock, funk, and Latin grooves - and they do this with fullness and excellence, powerfully, with noticeable joy. And with cheerful dialect lyrics. Later on, they picked up electric guitars and basses, becoming a rock club steamship that chugs through Switzerland, spreading good vibrations. When this outfit takes the stage, the room boils, they are perfect stokers who know exactly how to fuel the boiler. They simply must perform on our raft because, after all, who else has written an anthem about our beloved Kleinbasel's Feldbergstrasse?

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Enjoy this concert in the first row

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