Baloise presents

Marla Glen

That voice, that charisma, that unmistakably tender-rough stage persona. At the age of five, Marla Glen, who grew up in the infamous South Side of Chicago, Illinois, a home of the blues, received a harmonica from the legendary Muddy Waters. When Marla was 18, he began touring the United States, singing and playing in Detroit, moving through California, landing for a while – like so many musicians – down in New Orleans, Louisiana. There, Marla suddenly drew whole hordes, tourists and locals, to his performances, winning a contest whose first prize was a trip to France. And thus began the career in Europe. Marla landed a record deal in Paris – followed by gold records, magnificent hits with original compositions and covers, always narrated by that rough voice that can creep under any skin – no matter how tough. Marla is simply a hit, an agent of the blues with a mission. We welcome him not for the first time on the Floss, with a cheerful shout of Ahoy, Sailor.

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