Brauerei Locher, Geschwister Meier & Thomas Locher present

Matt Bianco

Matt Bianco, an exceptional band, mixes pop, Latin Jazz, and Afro-Caribbean rhythms to create a charming, almost erotically enticing, flowing and grooving concoction, a true witches brew. In terms of method, it recalls American bands like Steely Dan or the Doobie Brothers or Santana of the 1970s. But Matt Bianco, as well as their founder, singer and leader Mark Reilly, come from England. And that gives the sound another distinctive note. Through hits like “Whose Side Are You On?”, “Get Out of Your Lazy Bed”, “More Than I Can Bear”, they became a household name in the early 1980s, with super hits that pleased a huge audience, cool party music, cool sex sound. And today? Don't get fooled, Reilly's current Matt Bianco lineup is anything but a hit-recycling act, it’s as hot as heck. Alive and kicking, brass-strong, pulsating, musically divine, rooted in soul and jazz, garnished with excursions into the Caribbean, sharp as the proverbial razor. You’ll be amazed!

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