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Noti Wümié

A guitarist from Basel and a rapper from Bern have come together and launched a musical ship that swiftly sails to new horizons. Grégoire Vuilleumier, also known as rap master Greis, and Benjamin Noti share the work on board in a congenial manner. Vuilleumier's streams of thought are embedded by Noti's guitar, sometimes gently, then again with that slight friction that has already led to many a sound climax. Noti Wümié create chanson music with a dash of rap. The lyrics are in Bernese German and French. In March of this year, they released the album «Sorry Zämme», an incredibly lively and touching chanson production, which even includes a version of the song «Víctor Jara», written by the Basel songwriter Aernschd Born about the life and terrible violent death of the Chilean song poet. Noti Wümié's musical world oscillates wonderfully between carefree lightness, melancholy, and goosebumps.

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