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The year 2023 is the year when Nubya comes home. In spring, her new single “Coming Home” has been released, a great song with hit potential, featuring a strong, versatile, warm voice. And now, happily enough, this homecoming will also take place symbolically fitting, with her performance on the planks of our raft, which is the home port of summertime Basel indeed. We are confident that this familiar Basel soul voice, which has accompanied us for so many years, whose successes have always brought us joy, will enjoy playing on the waters of the Rhine just as much as we gladly hand her the helm on this evening. Because one thing must be clear: anyone who has been to a Nubya concert can testify that this lady takes no prisoners. Her music goes straight to the gut, into the blood, into the heart and soul, escalating in gospel style, serving up some hot Soul-Kitchen Food.

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