F. Hoffmann-La Roche presents

The Kolors

Superstars, like the stars in the sky over the Rhine. They emerged from Milan's underground music scene in 2010. A trio with punchy, anthemic funk-pop songs. They first gained fame on a tour with Paolo Nutini as the opening act. Then they rocketed into the Italian charts like a spaceship, and since 2015, the fantastic three have been made men. The track «Everytime» from their album «Out» achieved five-time platinum status. In the following years, they produced hit after hit: «What Happened Last Night» (with Gucci Mane as guest rapper), «Frida (mai mai mai)», «Pensare Male» (with Elodie) swam powerfully through the chart seas and got people dancing. In 2023, The Kolors presented the smash hit «ITALODISCO», which topped the charts all over Europe, scooped up four-times platinum, and catapulted the band to even higher spheres. And now they are boarding the Floss. We can hardly believe it.

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