Ueli Bier presents

The Moondog Show

A quarter-century of Floss, a quarter-century of Moondog Show. Just before the turn of the millennium, the story of this legendary Basel singer-songwriter formation began at Atlantis, and this spring they returned to that venue to celebrate their anniversary. This year, the band will embark on a small journey with concerts at select locations. Founding members Pink Pedrazzi and Pascal Biedermann will bring their crew and that captivating blend of American folk and rock styles to the stage, where influences like The Band, Ry Cooder, and Los Lobos can be heard: heartland music. – With guitars never sounding sweeter! One of these select stations of the Moondog Show's anniversary regatta is the Floss, a heavenly connection, of course. Our little ship carries the moondog on its journey through the galaxy of music. That's truly worth a sailor's binge.

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