Walo Bertschinger AG presents

The Moonrocks

The Moonrocks were founded in 1989 in Basel, and the three founding members are still on board today. They met in the mid-1980s, in the midst of the burgeoning autonomous youth movement that would soon spark a storm of protest across Western Europe. The soundtrack to this movement: punk rock. The Moonrocks grew up with the rock music of their older cousins: Beatles, Stones, Zep, Cream, Zappa, King Crimson, Sabbath, etc., and the jazz their fathers listened to at home. Then came the music rebellion: punk and new wave redrew the maps of rock. By the mid-eighties, that wild wave of musical hybrids emerged, which we now call post-punk. The Moonrockers had previously played in other outrageous and crazy formations that often performed together at festivals, such as in the Alte Stadtgärtnerei, but also nationwide: The Baboons, Fluid Mask, Hirnschlag, Frances Zorn were the predecessors of the Moonrocks, whom from the very beginning played nothing but bone-shaking rock, garnished with blues and madness. The Floss concert marks the baptism of their new production: «Dead Man’s Game».

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