Hirslanden presents

The Next Movement

Two birthday honorees. «The Bird’s Eye» is 30 years old this year, and the Floss is just 25 (aren't we just spring chickens?). Since 1994, this jazz club, once founded by a group around bassist Stephan Kurmann, has been bringing top-tier music to our fair city. It started at the old Bell site on Elsässerstrasse, then the jazz hub moved to the renovated Lohnhof. Happy Birthday. That’s why we’re presenting a Floss evening in collaboration with the club. The trio «The Next Movement» is one of the hottest and most adventurous funky jazz bands our country has to offer. Excellent musicians, highly precise playing. One influence is certainly the No-Wave jazz scene of the early 1980s; you might think of the «Slickaphonics», just without horns. But what additionally distinguishes «The Next Movement» is their elegant, almost slightly surreal groove minimalism. They are a must-see and must-hear.

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