Bayer presents

The Rumjacks

Earlier we spoke of pirate ships. Tonight, dear folks, we present to you the pirates themselves, the buccaneers from Oceania, embarking on their grand voyage around the world. Celtic punk, with electric guitars, bass, drums, along with bagpipes, mandolins, tin whistles, this crew spreads their high-proof, relentless, melodic sound, they bop till you drop. They formed in Sydney in 2008 and achieved international breakthrough in 2011 with their track “An Irish Pub Song”, a punk-metal party anthem that garnered 80 million views on YouTube. After several albums, tours, and lineup changes, the band relocated to Europe, with its members now residing in different countries, coming together for their collective endeavors. Among them, of course, is their concert on our raft, where the planks will face yet another stern test.

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Enjoy this concert in the first row

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