Oris presents

Thomas D & the KBCS

A glorious finale for our anniversary program: Thomas D., yes, that guy from the Fanta 4, takes to the boards of the Floss, a rap genius, a funky word-twister, a meaning conveyer and language virtuoso, it doesn’t get any better than this. And he's stepping up with an equally fantastic live band. The instrumental jazz band from Hamburg, named KBCS, was founded a few years ago as a backing combo for the soul singer Flo Mega from Bremen. Their first instrumental album «Légère Recordings» gave Thomas D. the idea to collaborate with the band. The first fruit of this collaboration was released on record in 2021, «The M.A.R.S Sessions», and this year, the second part saw the light of day. These are two magnificent albums with vintage funky-jazz and glorious rap roller coaster rides. And in August, they will be on the Floss. Big deal!

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