Raiffeisen Basel presents

Tina Turner Tribute Band

For over seven years, Josephine Pee has been performing as Tina Turner, accompanied by a troupe of outstanding Swiss musicians and spiced up by the Provocation Dancers. Pee has made the vocal flow of the great Tina her own, going far beyond mere imitation. It’s about feelings and the depths of the soul. From whispers, through the bluesy narrative register, to the soul-piercing siren song, this woman delivers a credible version of Turner's vocal style. And the performance behind her is immaculate, precise as clockwork, driven by a strong musical heart. It's a ride through the towering waves of the musical ocean that Tina Turner swam so powerfully all her life, like the legendary Queen of Atlantis. A splendid tribute to a Magnum Opus – a Great Work.

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