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Tito & Tarantula

With their new album «Brincamos» in the cargo hold, the rock 'n' roll pirates Tito & Tarantula are once again sailing through Europe, luckily, as they haven't done so since 2019. The unique mix of wild rock and punk rock, psychedelic-bluesy guitar sounds, and Tito Larriva's unmistakable, magical voice is simply captivating and energizing. Tito is a stalwart of the Los Angeles, California music scene. He was part of the explosive early Hollywood punk scene with his band «The Plugsz», worked with greats like «Gun Club», and soon began making music for film projects – he also appeared in six movies by Robert Rodriguez. In 1992, he launched Tito & Tarantula. It was the Rodriguez-Tarantino film «From Dusk Till Dawn», in which the song «After Dark» practically set the tone for the production, that made the band famous worldwide. Wild, untamed, hard-rocking are those buccaneers of the T & T house. Just our kind of style!

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